Ashington House Surgery

Emergency Department and Urgent Treatment Centre

If someone is seriously ill or injured or you think their life may be at risk, call 999 or visit the Emergency Department at the Great Western Hospital.

All patients must enter the hospital through the Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC), where they will be triaged at the door by a Clinical Navigator who will signpost them to the right place for their care, which could be the Emergency Department, Urgent Treatment Centre or an assessment unit.

Any patients arriving to hospital for urgent or emergency care as a walk-in, should enter the hospital via the Urgent Treatment Centre.

If arriving to hospital by car, please use the 20 minute drop-off, located at the front of the Urgent Treatment Centre, or park in the North or West car parks if required.

Any patient who is arriving to hospital in an ambulance will be taken straight to the Emergency Department, via the current ambulance route to the back of the hospital.

The Urgent Treatment Centre is currently only open from 7.00am to 10.00pm. If a patient arrives to the hospital as an urgent or emergency walk-in outside of these hours, they will need to use a new out-of-hours entrance, which is located at the west entrance of the hospital, directly adjacent to the Urgent Treatment Centre.

Urgent enquiries

If you have an urgent enquiry about a patient who may have been taken to the Emergency Department at the Great Western Hospital, please call 01793 604020.


The Emergency Department is located on the ground floor of the Great Western Hospital.

The Urgent Treatment Centre is located at the west entrance of the hospital.

Opening times

The Emergency Department is open all the time.

The Urgent Treatment Centre is open every day, 7.00am-10.00pm

Date published: 13th June, 2019
Date last updated: 15th May, 2023