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Covid-19 Updates

It is now possible to book a Covid booster jab online and by calling 119.

You will only be able to book this if you are in a currently eligible group (over 50 or a healthcare worker) and more than 190 days (6 months) have passed since your 2nd dose.
If you book your Covid vaccination at the STEAM museum in Swindon, we will offer you the flu vaccination at the same time (this may not happen at other vaccination sites).
Please pass this message onto your elderly friends and relatives who will need to book their Covid boosters now.
If you are not eligible for a Covid booster vaccination but you are aged over 50 or have a long term health condition, we will be contacting you by text or letter to book in for a flu jab only, which will also take place at STEAM.

COVID Boosters and Seasonal Flu vaccinations at Steam Museum

Please note. if you are eligible for the Flu vaccination and are due to have the COVID booster then you will be offered to have these together at the Steam Museum.
Please DO NOT contact us – we will contact you to let you know when these vaccinations are available. They will need to be booked through the National Booking System by dialling 119 or by going online.
If you are not due for your Covid Booster (your second Covid Vaccination has to have been done more than 190 days ago) before the start of November 2021 but you are eligible for the Flu Vaccine now we will contact you separately to book this which will also be at the Steam Museum.

Covid Vaccination

The Steam Covid vaccination centre is now available for all first and second doses on the national booking system (tel. 119) as part of a national requirement of the vaccination programme. As such all appointments have to be booked through this service and can no longer be booked through your GP surgery. If you have already received a first dose through your surgery the second dose will still be arranged by them. We are aware vaccine appointments are limited at the moment but we will add more appointments as soon as we have confirmation of vaccine supplies (as advised nationally supplies are limited).

Many thanks for your support in these difficult times.

Information on Isolating at Home


Covid -19 Vaccination Leaflet

Information about the Covid-19 vaccination. Please click on the link below.


An Important Message for all of our Patients about the Covid Vaccine

Update 04.02.21

The surgery along with other practices in Swindon have been delivering Covid vaccinations to patients from the Steam museum since December. These are now increasing in frequency and we aim to be delivering vaccines 3 days per week. There is a specific criteria that we have to follow to invite patients and if you are eligible, we will contact you to book an appointment as soon as we can. There are no plans to deliver the vaccine at the surgery. Please don’t contact the surgery, Thank you
If you think you have coronavirus DO NOT COME TO THE SURGERY

All of our patients are required to wear face coverings when attending our surgery.

Patients requiring general information on coronavirus should use this link:

For patients concerned that they may have coronavirus or may have come into contact with someone who has go here:

Please click HERE for the latest advice from Public Health England

MASK EXEMPTIONS: This page explains when to wear a face covering, exemptions from wearing one, and how to make your own.

ISOLATION NOTES: – Use this service if you have been told to self-isolate because of coronavirus and you need a note for your employer.