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National Data opt-out

Your health records contain a type of data called confidential patient information. This data can be used to help with research and planning. You can choose to stop your confidential patient information being used for research and planning. NHS Digital will never sell your data and will only use data that cannot identify you.

. There are strict rules about how NHS can use your data. It’s only shared securely and safely. Shared data helps the NHS. It has been used to find the first treatment for coronavirus and for vaccine research.

  • You can opt out at any time – there is no deadline
  • We only share data to improve health and care
  • Health and care data helps the NHS respond to emergencies like the coronavirus outbreak
  • There are lots of protections in place to make sure patient data is used securely and safely
  • We do not sell health and care data
  • We do not share data with marketing and insurance companies

If you’re happy with your confidential patient information being used for research and planning you do not need to do anything.

Any choice you make will not impact your individual care. Please click on the link to find out more and opt out if you wish to do so.

If you still wish to opt out please download, complete and hand in the form to your surgery in the link below –

Type 1 Opt Out Form