Ashington House Surgery

See a GP by video with Livi. Even at the weekend.

Patients of Ashington House Surgery can now see an NHS GP by video using Livi. Get medical advice, prescriptions                                                                      and referrals on the same day – even on weekday evenings and at weekends. The service is provided free on the NHS.

You can download the Livi app to your mobile phone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play. Or visit for more information.

Please see below for important details to ensure the best utilisation of the LIVI App:
Accurate Information Entry: When scheduling appointments through the Livi App, it’s important for you to ensure that all the information you input is accurate. This includes all personal details including full name, date of birth, and home address that match to this information held by your GP practice. Accuracy is vital to avoid any discrepancies that could potentially lead to appointment cancellations or delays in your care.
Timely Cancellation: Please be mindful of the importance of promptly cancelling any Livi appointments made through the app if you no longer require them. By doing so, you can free up appointment slots for other patients in need of assistance. This will help optimise our scheduling system and ensure that everyone receives timely care.

Livi GPs are all GMC-registered NHS GPS, who (with your consent) will be able to access your medical records and give you a considered, in-depth diagnosis based on your medical history.

Get the Livi app here:

Date published: 13th October, 2022
Date last updated: 26th April, 2024