Ashington House Surgery

Test results

Results for tests come back to the Practice electronically every day and some take longer than others. The doctors check all the results and if they are concerned they will ask the reception staff to either phone or write to you usually to either ask you to repeat the test or come in and discuss the results. If the results come back and are acceptable to the doctor they will not ask for you to be contacted. This is because we receive test results on hundreds of patients during the week and are unable to contact everyone.

If you have not heard from the Practice about your test results and would like to check them you can:

  • Phone the enquiries desk opens after 10.30am Monday to Friday. We will need to check your identity to make sure we are giving results to the correct person, this may mean we have to ask you several questions.
  • Ask at reception desk.

Who we can give results to:

  • Only you and we have to check your identity.
  • Someone you have given written consent to.
  • Parents of teenagers please note that we may not be able to give you their results without consent depending on their age and whether the doctor feels that they are able to make their own decisions about their healthcare.

Please note the reception staff will only be able to tell you that your result is normal or abnormal and are unable to give you the figures of your test results.

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 10th June, 2019